The EPR, What is it?

Here is what you need to know about the Electronic Profile Resume

Finbers has introduced the Electronic Profile Resume (EPR). The EPR gives you one link to share which provides an extensive overview and brings your resume to life. In this post, we will be talking about what your EPR is, how it places you at an advantage, how it can be shared and how you can get yours.


Creating your profile on Finbers gives you access to the Electronic Profile Resume. This gives you a detailed document that can be accessed through a link. When your link is shared, all information about you is immediately accessible. The Electronic Profile Resume is simply a resume. However, it is a resume that gives you full control to describe yourself comfortably and extensively. You are marketing yourself and being a step ahead before anyone even asks you to give more information.

The EPR has the following fields:

  • Video introduction
  • Education
  • Portfolio
  • Skills
  • Experiences
  • More about me through interview questions

The EPR is a shareable link and it’s easily accessible and shareable plus it’s easier to update before sharing.

If you think of the word innovative then you think of The EPR. Using the EPR helps recruiters see that you can think outside the block.

To view a sample EPR, click here.

What are the differences between an EPR and a Resume?

  • Your EPR is a shareable link. This makes it easy to store and access.
  • The EPR does not need to be downloaded or uploaded before it can be accessed.
  • It can be easily updated and sent. If you need to update your resume before sending it, all you have to do is click on it and update it.
  • The EPR is innovative. Resumes have been around for ages and the Electronic Profile Resume brings innovation and a positive spin to it.
  • The EPR provides your employer with your introduction video which identifies you and hiring managers are interested in this because recently, candidates have been known to use different persons for various parts of the interview process.
  • The EPR Highlights your skills and expertise in a unique way which undoubtedly builds your confidence and showcases your personality.
  • Reduced interview time is a great difference between the EPR and your Resume. Employers look at your Resume and the questions they need to ask you multiply in their minds. However, they look at your EPR and they see answers to questions they would have thought to ask. This reduces interview time and makes your interview that much easier as you have already provided thoughtful answers to interview questions.

What are the advantages of an EPR?

The flexibility of the EPR allows you to be able to use the EPR in so many ways. Here are some unique advantages the EPR provides

  • All information about you is available in one click
  • The EPR can easily be downloaded, providing a more comprehensive resume.
  • The option of adding a video introduction causes you to immediately stand out with a decent elevator pitch.
  • Adding your portfolio uploads allows you to display your work and skills.
  • The EPR can be used in a professional job search and can also be used to highlight your business or simply introduce yourself.

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