Professionalism is the character or behaviour expected of a professional in their chosen field. Your image and personal skills are combined to create your character which when examined at the workplace shows your level of professionalism. One of the first things people notice about you is your personal image. The personal image includes your appearance, […]

Team Work

Teamwork can be defined as the ability of team members to work together, communicate effectively, anticipate and meet each other’s demands, and inspire confidence, resulting in a common goal. You cannot become successful or grow in an organization if you cannot work in a team with other professionals. In today’s economy, most of our jobs […]

How To Communicate Effectively In The Workplace As A Scrum Master

Effective communication is important in any workplace, but Scrum Masters are particularly dependent on it since they must manage teams of developers and other stakeholders. Effective communication may boost productivity, foster greater cooperation, and provide better results. Unfortunately, not everyone has a natural gift for communication, but everyone can improve their communication skills with practice […]