My Scrumulicious blog focuses on my exciting journey of being a Scrum Master. The ups, downs, and the many experiences that I hope to share with new Scrum masters and my colleagues. As a growing Scrum master, I want to encourage others in this beautiful journey of Agile. So that they can use it in various stages of their personal and professional lives.
Welcome to my imperfect journey

Part 6 – Advice to upcoming Scrum Masters & New Scrum Masters

DoDo not
1.Your personality plays a huge role in being successful. Not everybody can be a comedian. Not everyone can be a Scrum MasterDo not start this journey if you are not willing to put in the work.
2.Get a mentorDo not be rude. Be kind. Your attitude towards succeeding will determine how far your mentor goes for you. You set the tone. But be cautious, no mentor wants to feed you day and night with information. 
3.Do your research. Learn and study so your interactions with your mentor will be fulfilling and you can identify gaps.Do not expect your mentor to know what you are missing if you do not ask the right questions. Mentors do not read minds
4.Take stock of areas you might need helpKeep quiet. A close mouth does not get fed
5.Network as much as you can so you can learn from people in different industriesThere is no one way to be a good Scrum Master. There are different industries with different processes.
6.Learn the various tools that Scrum masters use prior to getting a job. Jira, Confluence, Trello, Service now. Ask in interviews, what tools the company uses so you can learn about it before your first dayDo not expect all companies or teams to be the same.
7.Have mock interviews to prepare you for interviews.Do not think everyone’s story or journey is the same
8.Studying never ends for a Scrum master. Be resourcefulDo not compare stories with other people and expect the same outcome.
9.Research certifications before getting them. 
10.Have a clear understanding of Agile and why its important in the Software development Cycle
11.Have materials you can always go back to for reference. Very important as situations are not typical all the time
12.Have faith and believe in yourself. But set realistic goals

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