My Scrumulicious blog focuses on my exciting journey of being a Scrum Master. The ups, downs, and the many experiences that I hope to share with new Scrum masters and my colleagues. As a growing Scrum master, I want to encourage others in this beautiful journey of Agile. So that they can use it in various stages of their personal and professional lives.
Welcome to my imperfect journey

Part 4 – My journey towards becoming a Scrum Master

I kept pacing. Uncomfortable have never done this before. I am scared. I knew I did not have all the knowledge I needed to become a confident Scrum Master. I doubted my abilities. But a little voice kept telling me it would be okay. My partner tried encouraging me.

To be honest, nothing was working. Until I researched the company and what a Scrum master in my position would earn. EYES WIDE. After seeing that information, I knew I had to give in my all. I spent the next 4 days watching videos, reading articles, I even paid two other mentors to coach me through the interview process so I could get different perspective. I maxed out my account. It was $0.000. The day of the interview arrived. I was not confident in anything except my jacket. I wore a black blazer that made me look very professional. I prayed and asked God to let my personality shine. I do not have the answers to everything, but please speak through me.

The interview started. 5 people showed up. I almost screamed. Where did you come from? I composed myself and greeted everyone with a smile. I was sweating and immediately became very thirsty. I took sips of water as they took turns introducing themselves. Then the most common interview question was asked,” Tell me about yourself”. This is my moment. My moment to let my personality show, shine through. I was ready for this part. I gave it my all and it even sounded good to me. The interviewers took
turns asking me questions. After 47minutes, it was over. I knew I had the job. I just knew it. The interview felt natural because I let my personality take control. I knew all my answers were not perfect, but they showed a willingness to learn and adapt. All I had to do was wait to get a confirmation. 2 days later, an email came with the offer letter. I could not stop laughing. I am now an IT girl. I am now in the IT world. I did it. I wanted to cry, but laugh was all that came out my mouth. This is how my life changed. How my life opened a door to what it is like to enter your calling. Building your confidence. Gaining respect, knowledge, mindset shift and genuinely hoping to help others win.

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