My Scrumulicious blog focuses on my exciting journey of being a Scrum Master. The ups, downs, and the many experiences that I hope to share with new Scrum masters and my colleagues. As a growing Scrum master, I want to encourage others in this beautiful journey of Agile. So that they can use it in various stages of their personal and professional lives.
Welcome to my imperfect journey

Part 1 – My journey towards becoming a Scrum Master

Of course, I have had other roles since I started working at the age of 16. Some I liked and most I tolerated. Why wouldn’t I, it was a paycheck. However, I felt no fulfillment. I knew something was missing. I kept searching. Trying new things. Constantly researching and going to sleep every night disappointed. My partner was in the IT field, and he would always tell me to come join the IT gang. But I always declined. Sometimes annoyingly because I was not technical and I thought trying it would only lead to a waste of time and more frustrations.

I hated my current job so much that as soon as I got some time off, I decided not to return. I was determined to find myself. I just did not know how and where to start. I was depressed. I need a fulfilling job. Mentally and financially. My bank account was not happy with me regardless of my years of work. On this fateful day, my partner brought up the conversation about joining the IT field. I was in a better mood and decided to listen. He talked about the non-technical positions again, and how he knew I could do it. It sounded good to my ears that he had faith in me, but I was still skeptical. I decided to do my research. Hey, I was jobless and I spent time on my laptop daily looking for other positions anyway, so I might as well add it to my to do list.

Wow, was I impressed at what I found. Multiple roles that I have never heard of before. I felt sick to my stomach. How could I have been so naïve. Of course, there are so many other departments to IT. But we get so carried away in the technical aspects of it, that we forget the other departments and areas that make IT a thriving industry.

I made up my mind. I must find my niche in this IT world. I took stock of my skills and started comparing it to the various non-technical IT roles. Then I found it, Scrum Master. It sounded just like a song to me. The job descriptions and expectations were like lyrics to my ears. OH. I knew I had to make my mark here. It was so simple to understand, straight forward, no complexities and no technicalities at least from my research. I was drawn and I was ready to embark on my new journey towards becoming an IT employee. I knew it would not come easy. I knew I had to make sacrifices and learn new things. I was determined. I was eager. But guess what, I was also broke. How do I make this work? I was sad. I felt defeated.

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