My Scrumulicious blog focuses on my exciting journey of being a Scrum Master. The ups, downs, and the many experiences that I hope to share with new Scrum masters and my colleagues. As a growing Scrum master, I want to encourage others in this beautiful journey of Agile. So that they can use it in various stages of their personal and professional lives.
Welcome to my imperfect journey

How to get started as a Scrum Master

You are ready to embark on the scrumulicious journey of being a Scrum Master. A journey that opens you to higher salary, opportunities to work in fortune 500 companies, Work from home options, a chance to continuously improve and grow. This article is to guide you through the steps towards becoming a Scrum Master.


First step towards becoming a Scrum master is to do your research as to who a scrum master is, what does a Scrum master do, is this something you would enjoy doing, do you have the personality to be in this role, do you like coaching or influencing others? Do not just jump into the role because of the perks that it brings, go into this role because it is a role that you feel like you can contribute to and would enjoy doing. Be resourceful before taking that leap. There are great resources online and you can also follow Scrum masters on LinkedIn and other social media platforms to get information from them. You can also access the Scrum Guide and other resources below

You can also go through out blog page


So, you have decided to pursue this new adventure. Congratulations. To become a Scrum Master, you need to get the Scrum master certification. This certification gives you credibility, just like nurses and other roles get their licenses and certifications. For a Scrum Master you need to get the Verified Scrum master certification. There are various organizations offering this certification and with different names. It is best to conduct your research before choosing a certification company. We recommend CSM certification through the Company name: Knowledgehut or visit the website You can also contact [email protected] and also use the Referral code to get a discount- 717YIKNH from Finbers Group.


Getting the certification is great, but it is not enough to get you a job, keep a job and be productive to be satisfied.  Lack of mentorship can lead to frustration, depression, lack of confidence and eventually failure. A scrum master role requires skills that are accumulated over time and gained through experience working with multiple teams. It is imperative that an aspiring Scrum master finds a mentor or gets access to a mentor’s learning tool to acquire knowledge. Learning to become a scrum master without mentorship is like holding water with open hands. We recommend Finbers mentorship program built based on experience and a love to seek other succeed and excel in this journey. We recommend the Learning website for having the deeper knowledge that’s needed.

How can we help?

Most mentorship programs cost a few hundred dollars up to a few thousand dollars can last months. They also require a specific time to meet with the mentors which could interfere with learners’ schedules. After a few weeks of mentorship, most learners do not have materials or resources to fall back on. Finbers created a mentorship program that eliminates the frustration that comes with the gaps in learning about Scrum.

  • Our mentorship program is cost effective at $99 for one year access to our learning site and materials
  • Access to our Facebook page with other learners and we promote Q & A
  • Once a month Mixer for interview preps for 1 year

All these for $99

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