13 ways to help your teams improve.

13 Reasons why your organization is behind, and why it needs Apprentice Scrum masters.

1. Is your organization going through a transformation to Agility and do you need Agile Guardians?

2. Do your scrum teams struggle because you can’t afford a scrum master?

3. Are your teams struggling to meet the company’s vision?

4. Are you spending hundreds of thousands on consulting firms and coaches

5. Are you struggling to afford the high cost of staffing agencies?

6. Are you an organization focused on continuous delivery, continuous learning, and continuous improvement?

7. Would you like to see how your teams can improve productivity with the dedication of a Scrum master?

8. Would you like scrum masters that connect twice a week for 6 hours with an Agile coach to collaborate on Agile best practices for your teams?

9. Would you like a scrum master that gives status updates, sprint or quarterly reports?

10. Would you like a process improvement manager, change agent, or Servant leader with skills in using Jira, confluence, creating change requests in service now, Mural, Miro, etc.?

11. Would you like a dedicated full-time apprentice SM/PM for 1 year, whose goal is to contribute and increase value to your team?

12. Is part of your organization’s mission geared towards promoting economic growth, veteran affairs, community building, workforce, or employment growth? Then partnering with us will be a huge fulfillment for you.

13. Our curriculum is built with years of on-the-job experience with both hard and soft skills.

I can go on and on. If this sounds like a constructive solution to your organization’s gap, we are your solution. Our Department of Labor Scrum Master apprenticeship program has available high-quality scrum masters with unique resumes ready to get your teams in any domain to success across the US.

My name is Cynthia Eguzouwa and I am an Agile coach and also the Director of this program. I am available to chat with you about how we can place the apprentice in your organization and collaborate to meet your needs.

Contact: [email protected]


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